Advanced Excel

Microsoft Excel is one such application which does not require any preaching to be used. It is the selection of billions of company users thanks to its power, speed & simplicity of use. Most people have a basic understanding of surpass however some extremely grasp wherever to search out theExcel’s only power options.This course contains everything you would like to understand transcend.It is designed to fill the void by providing a comprehensive coaching on Excel’s most powerful options.Promising 18 hours of hands-on learning in 2 days, the course is aimed to train participants from Basic to an Expert!

Advanced Excel

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3 Day Course

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Day 1
Complete Guide to Advanced Excel
This course will help you understand the basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel. It includes an over view of - Working on Shortcut Keys , Inserting Commas and Use of "&", logical complex formulas( including IF, OR, AND, IFERROR) and many more.

What you will learn?

BasicFormatting Functions in Excel.

Understanding the basic working of the workbook.

Text Formulas

Understanding of various basic Formaula

Course Content

Here's an overview of the Excel Basics that will assist you in mastering Excel in no time..
Learn how you can proceed with working on workbook, and the most important time saving shorcuts to improve your work effciency.
Excel includes several built-in, specialized functions that modify the case of letters within a text string. Learn the text formulas now.
Learn the use of “&” to Join data in different cells
" and how to insert commas.
Conditional formatting is a feature in many spreadsheet applications and here's a guide that provides a variety of advanced If/Then.
It's time to learn Excel Logic functions (operators) AND, IF, NOT, OR, TRUE, FALSE, IFERROR.
Let's learn how you would use a nested IF and explore how to use the nested IF function as a worksheet function in Microsoft Excel:.
COUNTIF is a function to count cells that meet a single criteria.
Day 2
Excel Advanced Filter – how to create and use
Excel Advanced Filter can be used to extract a list from a data base with predefined criteria. It gives a lot of control as compared regular filter. Use the The Advanced Filter to use complex criteria to filter a range in Excel. This guide teached you how to apply an advanced filter in Excel.

What you will learn?

Baisc Understanding of how filter works.

Using advanced Filter to handle data.

Learning to protect or securing the excel sheet.

Course Content

Here's how you can enable auto filter for your spreadsheet using these steps.
A course for ones who want to learn basic and complex function of advanced Excel.
Here's an introduction and basic overview of various working with Workbook and Worksheets.
Here's an introduction and basic overview of various working with Workbook and Worksheets.
Find out How to Use Charts and Graphs in Excel.
Excel also allows you to apply more customized security options to your file. Understand how to do that.
Day 3
Microsoft Excel - Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions
Excel has its immense purposeful applications. Here's a Guide to Advanced Formulas in Excel. Learn how to them in this guide is a powerful combination of Excel formulas.

What you will learn?

Learning various Advanced features of Excel.

Know more about the excel Macros.

Ways to Protect VBA Code

Importing data from external data sources.

Course Content

Formula auditing in Excel allows you to display the relationship between formulas and cells. Find out how.
Learn to Import form External data sources. Learn how to do that.
Here's A Beginner's Guide To Tracking Macros. Learn the quick process to understand what the macro is doing.
How to Record and Test Excel Macro? Here we learn how to create a Macro in Excel.
Understand how to protect VBA code.

About Coach

About Coach

Mr. Pradeep Kumar

Trainer Level: Proficient

Pradeep Kumar is a diligent and results-driven individual with more than 8 years of experience in Business Intelligence, Automation & Data Analytics arena. To enhance his experience in multiple Corporate Training's, Consulting, VBA programming styles, Data Automation, Data Analytics, Dynamic Dashboards he started his own firm “MData Finnovatics” for multiple targeted audiences on Budgeting & Forecasting, Financial Reporting, Variance Analysis, Automation, MS Projects in an efficient manner. Pradeep is also proficient in managing a broad range of tasks regarding his own firm to enlarge his experience.


Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Consultant
MData Finnovatics
Corporate Manager - Analytics
Religare Health Insurance Pvt Ltd


Aggarwal P.G College

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This is completely an offline course.
Krenovate will award certificates for successful completion of this course. This course is aimed at making people grasp the concepts and knowledge of digital marketing for personal and professional benefits.