Advanced Microsoft Excel Training

Advanced Microsoft Excel TrainingMicrosoft Excel is the basic application developed by Microsoft company. Microsoft’s is a spreadsheet which helps in calculating, tools to do graphs. You can easily do all the calculations functions in this space only. In advanced training skill of this application, various high-level techniques of the spreadsheet are taught. This course very important to acquire greater knowledge of professional skills in the job.

Advanced Microsoft Excel Training

Class on Weekends

2 Day Course

Doubt Rredressal

Assured Certificate

Day 1
Advanced Excel Training Course - Formulas, Functions, Charts
Teach yourself Excel basics, functions, and advanced formulas using these resources. Take your Excel skills to the next level with our Advanced Excel course using advanced formulas, creating impressive graphs and charts

What you will learn?

Text Functions, Date and time functions

Logical IF functions and conditional calculations

Course Content

Spark up your skills in Excel. Here's an introduction to all that you need to know.
Formulas and functions are the building blocks of working with numeric data in Excel.
The IF function is one of the most used functions in Excel. Learn to use them now!
Excel is the process of looking up specific values within a data set. Here's a complete guide to Excel look up formulas.
Day 2
The Advanced Guide to Excel
Microsoft Excel is one of the most used software applications of all time. Want to learn Excel quickly? Learn basic to advance concepts step by step.

What you will learn?

Advance lookup functions

Pivot table and pivot charts and Conditional formatting

Making a dashboard and Microsoft Power query

Course Content

For analysis to be efficient and effective, proper structure of the data is a must. Learn how to do it.
Use conditional formatting to add data bars to cells with numbers and make it easier.
Know more about Pivot Tables and Charts
Power Query allows you to use parameters to make your reports dynamic. Learn the basic concepts and components of it.

About Coach

About Coach

Mr. Ashish Rana

Trainer Level: Proficient

Ashish Rana is a Certified Microsoft Trainer who has been a helping professional to sharpen the minds by optimally utilizing the unique features of MS office at the workplace He has successfully conducted training sessions in 100+ diverse organizations and has also proudly organized many training session in the top-level colleges and is currently working with Genpact and learning advanced level training of MS Office.


Consultant - Data Analysis (Finance)


M D University

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This is completely an offline course.
Krenovate will award certificates for successful completion of this course. This course is aimed at making people grasp the concepts and knowledge of digital marketing for personal and professional benefits.