Aerial Robotics and Branding

Aerial Robotics and Product Branding is a great course which requires knowledge of aerial mechanics. Therefore students need to have few concepts about algebra, calculus and of course basic maths skills. This skill helps you to aerial robots. For which you need to have skills to make a controller for the device. Also in this course, you will get to learn about the plan to make and operate the robots in air. Moreover, Product branding is also required for the product. Product Branding strategy is also important for grabbing customers attention to the product.

Aerial Robotics and Branding

Class on Weekends

2 Day Course

Doubt Rredressal

Assured Certificate

Day 1
Aerial Robotics and Product Branding
It's time to learn about everything that would help you understand all about Aerial Robotics and Product Branding. This could consists of topics that will guide you through the study of Sensors, Quad Frame Designing, Microcontrollers, Batteries, Embedded Systems, AI, Assembling and a lot more.

What you will learn?

Skill Building for Brand Building Most Essential Marketing Skills You Need to Be Successful

Course Content

Learn all that you can about sensors!
Learn the complete designing of Quad Frame. Don't miss it.
An easy-to-understand introduction to how propellers work.
Learn How Microcontrollers Work? Here's a beginner's guide to microcontrollers
It's time to understand the concept and designing about the batteries.
Build a Robotic Remote Controller with these simple process.
Introduction to rotor aerodynamics and blade design. Check it out now!
Day 2
Advanced Technical Understanding, Artificial Intelligence and Branding
After getting a basic understanding of the aerial robotics, the course takes you through an interesting journey through topics like Embedded System, FMS, Artificial Intelligence and Assembling

What you will learn?



Team Leadership Skills

Course Content

Understand the concept of embedded system.
Understand everything and anything related to the understanding of FMS.
A brief description of the role of the Electronic Speed Control (ESC) is a must. Learn about it all today.
Learn Artificial Intelligence in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts.
By implementing an assembly robot on your assembly line can make your business more profitable and increase production speed. Check how to do it.
Learn all the specifications you need for Flight Controller Board Designing.
This course will serve to introduce and familiarize you with new flight modes, attitude control and sensor drivers.

About Coach

About Coach

Mr Atif Inayat Khan

Trainer Level: Expert

Atif, known by the name "The Drone Man" by CII is a great motivational speaker. With a great understanding of different cultures, he puts in an extensive effort to understand the profile of his audience. He is the founder of a leading startup, AT-Lead and is also a speaker at TedX. Atif has delivered motivational speeches that have inspired wide strength of people by conducting more than 150 workshops across India. By flawlessly striking the chord, he has brilliantly presented the content as a consultant in 5 major companies.


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This is completely an offline course.
Krenovate will award certificates for successful completion of this course. This course is aimed at making people grasp the concepts and knowledge of digital marketing for personal and professional benefits.