Human Resource Management: The Basics

Basic Human Resource Management coaching seminar provides a comprehensive and fashionable summary of the role and activities of the HR Department. It presents the newest tools and techniques for the effective management of individuals.Participants can find out about the processes concerned, the systems used and also the skills required to achieve success during a fashionable time unit Department. They will explore personnel activities starting from the achievement interview to a dismissal meeting, discovering the talents needed and the role of the time units killed within the 21st Century.

Human Resource Management: The Basics

Class on Weekends

2 Day Course

Doubt Rredressal

Assured Certificate

Day 1
Human Resource Management - Overview, Principles and Functions
Human resource management is the organization function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration and training. Learn the strategic approach to the effective management of people in an organization.

What you will learn?

Basics of Business Communication.

Learning skills from time management to skill management.

Know more about business ettiquettes.

Course Content

Want to be able to measure and evaluate your recruitment procedure? Refer the critical recruitment process.
Let's understand what Training and Development means for an employee in HRM.
Each method of performance appraisal has its strengths and weaknesses. Understand the basic performance appraisal techniques.
Understand the basic concept and cateogy of Industrial Law in India.
Day 2
All About Human Resources and Talent Management
Learn different aspects of manpower planning and personnel evaluation, wage and salary administration, incentives, bonus, fringe.

What you will learn?

Overview of HR Planning.

Basics about various HR Policies.

Baiscs of Payroll Structure

Course Content

The main objective of wage and salary administration is to establish and maintain an equitable wage and salary system. Learn now.
Manpower planning is the process of estimating the optimum number of people required for completing a project, task or a goal within time. Learn the process.
Know all about the documentation, explanation, preparation of monthly challan/forms and half yearly returns on Employees State Insurance.
Provident fund is another name for pension fund. Learn on the benefits and documentation process of PF.
Any business that has more than one employee must have a payroll system. Learn all about the Payroll Management System.

About Coach

About Coach

Ms Monika Khatwani

Trainer Level: Novice

Monika is a strong, independent, fearless woman who has coached in various corporate and educational institutes. She has jointly worked towards improving life skills of people and helped them in the overall development. With an objective to uplift people’s lives, work on righteousness and good societal values, she has not only addressed speeches about motivation but also soft skills, leadership, people management and self-development training to corporates, colleges, and school students. As a speaker, she says the catchphrase “it’s possible!” and motivates people to pursue their dreams as she learned to do.





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This is completely an offline course.
Krenovate will award certificates for successful completion of this course. This course is aimed at making people grasp the concepts and knowledge of digital marketing for personal and professional benefits.