Innovation Through Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an innovative approach and shows how to implement innovation in your business using a design thinking/human-centred approach. Creative problem solving skills are developed and enhances through a range of activities. This personality development, soft skill training course allows you to get an understanding of how individuals or organizations use creativity and design thinking skills to identify and choose opportunities that enable innovation.

Innovation Through Design Thinking

Class on Weekends

2 Day Course

Doubt Rredressal

Assured Certificate

Day 1
An Introduction to Design Thinking
Design Thinking is 'the ability to combine empathy for the context of a problem, creativity in the generation of solutions and rationality to analyze and fit solutions. It's time to understand the design thinking process, create a prototype, and incorporate perfect feedback.

What you will learn?

How to observe for identifying the problem and need of the user,

The Role of Empathy in Understanding Users How to ask right and relevant questions to gain insights from the user,

Course Content

Learn about Design Thinking and that design is the purpose, planning, and intent behind an action, fact, or material object.
Learn how to observe, listen and ask right questions -All with the proper understanding through Empathy
It's time to learn about problem solving in this topic. Get all the necessary Information and Tips.
Day 2
Engaging the Learner With Design Thinking
Key to innovation through design thinking session is the one that allows everyone in the room to feel comfortable contributing their ideas. Know how!

What you will learn?

Identify multiple solutions to problem using brainstorming technique, create prototype and test the solution with the right users.

Course Content

Ideate is the space in design thinking where individuals and teams elevate and celebrate the power of possibility.
- With a prototype of your design built, it's important to start testing it
Here's a look at how to give and receive feedback at work in the best form.

About Coach

About Coach

Mr. Rahul Pandey

Trainer Level: Proficient

Rahul Pandey is a Chief Operations Officer at Start-up Incubation Centre in Delhi. His responsibilities include, primarily focusing on developing and nurturing social enterprises. He has the remarkable solutions as an entrepreneur of indigenous problems in India, also wants to add values to the ecosystem by nurturing, mentoring, and coaching young minds, who would shape the future of the country. Rahul is a mind-blowing go-getter, a learner, a mentor, and an empathetic leader with Global Mindset. He also had professional experiences since last 12 years in strategic, sales, consulting and operational roles with corporates and as an entrepreneur. He started his career and developed his skills as an engineer with TCS for 5 years. After a successful career, he took a break and went USA for higher studies. He always enjoys to try something new and also polished his skills in Media Industry for a year. He took a decision to continue his successful journey in entrepreneurial by setting up a venture in Foods and beverages.


Chief Operations Officer
Ambedkar University Delhi Centre for Incubation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Triumphant Foods and Beverages


Thunderbird School of Global Management
Institute of Engineering and Technology

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This is completely an offline course.
Krenovate will award certificates for successful completion of this course. This course is aimed at making people grasp the concepts and knowledge of digital marketing for personal and professional benefits.